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Death Warrant Movie Jean Claude Van Damme 1990

Title:Death Warrant Movie Jean Claude Van Damme 1990
Duration:1 hours 54 minutes 11 seconds Min
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Channel:Wm Gunter
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Death Warrant is a full movie of jean claude van damme is a movie of year 1990 . The film was written by David S. Goyer while a student at USC, and was Goyer's first screenplay to be sold and produced commercially. Detective Louis Burke (Jean-Claude Van Damme) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from Quebec, confronts the maniac that killed his partner on the force. The villain named Christian Naylor - called the Sandman (Patrick Kilpatrick) is tracked down to an abandoned house in Los Angeles. Although the Sandman nearly kills him, Burke is able to shoot the Sandman several times, but not killing him. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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