Download September 23rd, 2019 Mike Morell CIA Protege Susan Gordon’s Dad Developed Club-K Missile (10 minutes 36 seconds) in Mp3, 3GP, MP4, FLV and WEBM Format

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September 23rd, 2019 Mike Morell CIA Protege Susan Gordon’s Dad Developed Club-K Missile

Title:September 23rd, 2019 Mike Morell CIA Protege Susan Gordon’s Dad Developed Club-K Missile
Duration:10 minutes 36 seconds Min
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Channel:George Webb
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To get up to speed quickly on investigative journalist George Webb's investigation of the DNC and their covert communications with encrypted Blackwater Blackberries and Crowdstrike DNC Server, start with the Webb Report. Five videos later, you will be completely up to speed. George Webb is a Washington DC based journalist who discovered the stashed hard drives and Blackwater Blackberries of the famed DNC and DCCC servers, dampening the Trump Russia narrative of the DNC. George Webb produced a fact witness named Andre Taggart that testified that Imran Awan, the key consultant to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, stored Congressional marked hard drives and Blackwater Blackberries at his Lorton, Virginia home. In addition, George Webb also produced a Congressional blackberry from an informant from the office of Senator Joe Biden coded named Deep Blackberry that may have been Trump Takedown leader, William Taylor. Webb has researched all the Imran Awan safe houses and has researched occupants and businesses associated with over a dozen Awan properties. For quick summary of the three year video series, we recommend watching the YouTube video playlist "Awan 911 - The Webb Report - What The Mueller Report Left Out" available here. George Webb is the citizen journalist who discovered a key fact witness and evidences to the famous "DNC Hack" that has not yet been publicized in MSM. He has led a group of online researchers for two years that has added evidence daily to the DNC Blackwater Blackberries and damaged DNC hard drives he discovered at the home of DCCC staffer and close adviser to the DNC, Imran Awan. Here is a monthly timeline of the best summary videos in this first of its kind, investigative journalist effort. Follow investigative reporter George Webb as he tracks down the CrowdStrike server, the DNC encrypted Blackwater Blackberries used by Biden and friends, and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff's Awan Spy Ring in Congress. Find out what Mueller left out in The Webb Report DC Journalist George Webb discovered Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz's key IT aide's stashed DNC encrypted Blackwater Blackberries at the home of Imran Awan. Weeks later, he interviewed a loing time Joe Biden aide that left him one of the encoded Blackwater Blackberries. Were these the "Burisa Blackwater Blackberries" used to arrange pay to play for covert action around the world for Nancy Pelosi's Gang of Eight? The Webb Report covers what the Mueller Report missed. George Webb is an investigative journalist best know for finding evidence in the DNC attempts To impeach Donald Trump that are probably best termed "Russian Hoax Narrative Busters". In three years of on-site reporting, he was outed Nancy Pelosi's Awan spy ring in Congress, found their secure Blackwater Blackberries, found the hard drives for their covert action servers, identified fact witnesses that can testify the Awan had nefarious purposes. In addition to the Awan Blackwater Blackberries and DNC hard drives, he has also developed an informant on the Joe Biden Senate Staff he code named Deep Blackberry, and he produces the Senate version of the encrypted Blackberry on another Biden Staffer named Gontner. Additionally, GEorge Webb has direct work experience from his days in Silicon Valley with Dmitri Alperovich, the ring leader of the Crowdstrine Ukrainian spy ring which recruited operatives for Hunter Biden's Burismaspy ring in Ukraine. Here is a bried overview video.

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