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What RUINED the Fairly Oddparents?

Title:What RUINED the Fairly Oddparents?
Duration:15 minutes 32 seconds Min
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The Fairly Oddparents was one of Nickelodeon's greatest shows. It had high ratings and was just an overall fun cartoon. But Nick cancelled it and there wasn't even a finale. So what happened? What ruined one of Nickelodeon's top shows? "What RUINED/What's RUINING..." is a video series where Saber researches a topic, presents its history, and how it is or was presumably ruined: Saberspark is a YouTube channel who researches, reviews, and analyzes various movies and cartoon shows from the world of animation Support the show on Patreon Follow me on Twitter Audio Edits by CookieSoup Intro and Outro Music by Hirosashii Intro Visuals by Acleps Avatar pics by Natalie Butler Outro Visual by Viktor Newman Thumbnail by Paleo and Boggsy Music by Home SOURCES It's Free Real Estate - Danny Phantom Opening Version Episode 10: Butch Hartman | Nick Animation Podcast Fairly OddParents CANCELLED?! | Butch Hartman’s Animated Life The *REAL* Reason WHY Chloe is in Fairly OddParents

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